Empowering Nepal's Youth & Communities

It is vital for the future health of Nepal’s democracy that young people have a deep understanding of the issues facing their local communities.  The Nepal Service Corps model teaches youth to be civically engaged, and encourages them to be active participants & responsible citizens in their communities. This model embraces community learning as a core teaching, one that deepens the practice of citizenship.

The Nepal Service Corps is developed as a joint collaborative project between  Community Learning and Public Service (UNM Service Corps) and Nepal Study Center (NSC) at the University of New Mexico.


A formal memorandum of understanding between the University of New Mexico and Kathmandu University provides us with an opportunity to undertake various collaborative initiatives.

In addition, Nepal Service Corps draws upon the support from our long-standing & newly formed partnerships with local grassroots organizations in both New Mexico and Nepal.
In areas of technology transfer initiative, the role of Intel will play a vital role.